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Executive positions with state and national organizations have given me a foundation of qualities that are useful in all business applications: efficiency, pragmatism, the value of strategic partnerships, being careful with other people’s investments, working with others in partnership toward goals and, especially, how to protect private information.

I work with a broad network of colleagues – an extensive rolodex of contacts I have built up over my professional life. I enjoy accessing these colleagues to gain information and to bring their expertise to clients when special needs require.

My close working relationships with individual owners of wineries and vineyards, small to large, gives me a solid grasp of the issues and challenges that these specialized producers face. Having this extensive insider's view of the wine and grape industry, and now working outside of it as a consultant, offers me a special ability to counsel diverse business owners and facilitate the implementation of their exit planning strategies.

Experience in government relations and capital fundraising campaigns have shown me the importance and value of strategic planning. It’s my instinct to consider the long term and 360° implications of any initiative.

There is a trend through my wine career experience (as described in
my biography) that illustrates my ability and enjoyment in helping build organizations to reach their potential. Prior to wine, my work in professional theatre taught me comparable values: the need to temper creative vision and passion with the pragmatic needs of business organization to achieve balanced and sustainable success.

Let me be of help to your business. Please contact me to schedule a free informational interview.