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J. Bookwalter Wine Studio  
  Secondary Winery Retail Tasting Room  

A winery with 25 years of successful operation in Richland, Washington identified the values of opening a secondary tasting room in Woodinville, a Seattle suburb well-known for winery tourism.  The owner sought to increase brand visibility and retail exposure for consumers in the more populous Seattle metropolitan market area, and provide expanded contacts and services for members of their wine club.  Plans were stalled because an initial target location in a large new mixed-use development project was repeatedly delayed because of impacts of the 2007/08 decline of financing available for real estate.

CoEfficient Consulting was able to:

  • Identify an ideal but unlisted retail space located just “kitty-corner” from the unrealized site
  • Introduce the owners of Bookwalter Winery to the property owner and initiate a positive relationship
  • Draft a two-year, extendable lease with favorable rates and protections
  • Manage and intermediate the challenges of gaining City approval to bring the facility up to code for the change of use and secure occupancy and signage permits
  • Serve as on-site representative of the winery in work with the signage company and other local vendors
  • Counsel the new on-site manager for the facility
  • Introduce the winery owner to a major charitable organization that would allow the winery to expand on its existing philanthropic activity

The new retail location was able to make a positive contribution to winery cash-flow in its second month of operation, and continues to exceed the owner’s financial expectations.